Volunteers are essential to the Metchosin Art Gallery.  There are lots of exciting events in the works and becoming a volunteer is a great way to get involved.  Volunteering is a fun way to learn about contemporary art, meet new people and contribute to your community.  We offer a variety of opportunities for you to apply your skills and talents from assisting with an installation, to working the door at an opening, to helping with our fundraising.

Volunteers who contribute 10 or more hours of their time are gifted a free one year membership.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email [email protected] for more information.


Snowing season in Calgary is followed by a hectic period of clearing the snow in yards, on the walkways, driveways and around our property. Individually, it can get tiresome. However, with Calgary NW snow removal services, the workload is greatly reduced. The snow removal service providers have committed themselves to helping their residential and commercial clients to the best of their abilities. With the necessary tools for the work and determined staff, our homes are well taken care of and we get to enjoy a snow-free view of our town.

When snow builds up over the winter season, the levels can rise to as high as 2cm or more. This is all dependent on the intensity of the snowfall. When the ground is greatly stuffed up with high levels of snow, more hands will be needed to completely remove the snow. Well, you may try doing so on your own, although the chances are high there will be specks of snow left behind. However, this should not worry you since Calgary NW snow removal services is all you need.

The services offered by the snow removal service providers are for the residents as well as business entities within the area. With only 24 hours on the clock to get rid of snow on your walks, it can be stressful. The importance of getting rid of the snow on the sidewalks is for the convenience of your neighbors and other passers-by using your walks. More so, you wouldn’t want them to get involved in any accidents since the sidewalk is filled with snow and they can’t access them. As a business entity, whether the snow is falling or not, business must go on. It would be so wrong if the parking lot, walkways or steps are filled with snow, locking out clients. Nobody wants such a mess.

The amounts of ice and snow which accumulates during the winter season in Calgary can get overwhelming. This is because the temperatures are always low all season with constant snow falling. As Calgary snow removal service providers, it up to us to help our clients remove the ice and snow within and around their properties once the snowfall halts and in the shortest time period possible. The services offered include; Snow shoveling and plowing, Ice & snow removal and management services, Sidewalk snow clearing, parking lot clearing, sand and salting, de-icing, snow hauling, and much more.

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