Ten Thousand Hours – featuring the work of the Stinking Fish Artists

Show runs July 11 – August 4

Opening party is Saturday, July 13, 2:00-5:00pm.

This will be an exhibition by members of the Stinking Fish group based on the notion that time and dedication underlies the attainment of expertise in a chosen field.

The Metchosin Art Gallery is pleased to again exhibit the Stinking Fish Artists, a diverse group of artists and artisans from across Metchosin and East Sooke. The show will highlight works of various media from over 20 artists, including: pottery, contemporary mixed media paintings, fibre art, landscapes in oil, nudes in acrylics, organic and recycled mosaics, metal sculpture, jewellery featuring lamp work beads and chain maille techniques, etchings and mono prints, wood-turned bowls, furniture and carved stone.

See What Makes Airdrie A Living Paradise

Airdrie city is located in Calgary region of Alberta, Canada. It covers an area of 33km2. If you have a dream of living in Airdrie, you will need to rent an apartment.It is important that you understand more about what the city offers so that when you eventually decide to become a resident, you will be able to enjoy your stay and live comfortably. We are going to provide you with important information about apartments for rent Airdrie. This will help you.

Real estate business is doing well in Airdrie due to increase in size of the population. Property developers continue to build apartments for rent Airdrie to provide accommodation to city residents.

The city is famous for its wonderful neighbourhoods which include Big Springs, Canals, Fairways, Edge Water, Old Town, Sun Ridge and more. They attract many people. This is why many apartments for rent are found around these neighbourhoods.

Airdrie is home to people of different races and nationalities. Chinese, Europeans, Japanese and many more live in the city. Influx of immigrants into the city has continued to increase. This has led to demand for housing. For this reason, property developers have continued to build apartments for rent to meet the ever increasing demand.

Airdrie boasts of attractions such as Nose Creek Park , Iron Horse Park, Aidrie Pro Rodeo and more. Many people from different parts of the world come to this beautiful city to view attraction sites. Because they need accommodation, investors have erected apartments of different sizes around the attractions.

Airdrie’s infrustructure is superb. The city is located on Queen Elizabeth II Highway. This amazing highway connects Calgary to Edmonton. This makes it easy for people to travel across the two cities. Apartments are also found along the highway.Residents prefer to live there because of convinience in transportation. The city also has Airdrie Airport. Visitors from different parts of the world land here. We also have apartments around the airport to provide accommodation to airport staff and international visitors.

As regards to education, the city has a number of high schools such as Rocky View Learning Connections and Our Lady Queen of Peace. In order to provide accommodation to teachers and other staff members, apartments for rent have been constructed in areas around schools.

The famous Tower Lane Mall is found in Airdrie. Residents go for shopping in the mall to buy goods. There are several apartments closer to the shopping mall.

Final Thought

You are advised to do thorough research before signing tenant-landlord agreement. Make sure that you choose the best apartment for rent Airdrie. It should be located in a good and secure place. Proximity to social amenities is important.




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