The Metchosin Art Gallery welcomes all proposals and is accepting proposals on an ongoing basis. Submissions for solo shows, group shows, performances, and talks are encouraged. Artists who cannot fill the 1000 square foot space should still submit a proposal as their work will be considered for group shows. The gallery is a curated space and exhibitions typically are 4 weeks.

2013 Metchosin Art Gallery Rental Rate:

  • 4 weeks: $700

20% commission on art sales.

Metchosin Art Gallery will provide the following:

  • The curator will staff the gallery during gallery hours.
  • Social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Promotion directed at newspapers, blogs, magazines and radio.
  • Inclusion in the Metchosin Art Gallery website and blog.
  • e-blasts to members of the Metchosin Art Gallery.
  • Assistance documenting the show.

All submission packages should include:

  • Detailed description of proposed project (maximum 1 page). This is an opportunity to elaborate and share details of the proposed exhibition.
  • Artist or curator statement (maximum 1 page).
  • Appropriate documentation (20 images or 5 min of audio or video).

Please email proposals to [email protected]

Adding Colors To Interior Design Plans

Calgary is a good example of a city that has embraced the modern way of designing the interior of the house. You can now change the look of your house from the builder-basic white to something you will like. Paint is an affordable and DIY friendly option to make your interior design plans in Calgary outstanding. Here is how you can add colors.

Color Punch

Interior designers in Calgary always make use of color statements to show off their style and give what property owners dream of. In this case, bold, strong and playful colors are normally meant for kid’s rooms. However, the same colors can be used to bring personality and strength in other rooms.

You can offset your white kitchen cabinets by trying out red walls. You only need to make sure that your red has a compatible saturation with other tones in your color scheme. Designers in Calgary will also add some bit of yellow in a north-facing room so that your house can have a sunnier disposition. The trick to achieve the perfect color punch is trying to blend two or three bold colors together by using a sprinkling of the adjacent rooms.

Transitioning Color

What most homeowners in Calgary look for are ways to transition colors between rooms and still allow each to have its own personality. Most interior design plans in this case will have a selection of a perfect neutral shade that will flow between the spaces.

A good neutral is one that blends beautifully with the finishes that are currently in your house. Hardwoods, carpeting, cabinetry and counter-tops are normally not as affordable or easy on an update as paint. This is what drives designers in Calgary to give home owners the best touch. They normally match the paint with what is already in the house since paint is cheaper.

Color Weave

Weaving a particular color seamlessly throughout the home is the other technique that most people like. This doesn’t mean that every single room in the house will have the same color scheme. This is the most common technique in open floor plans and smaller homes but will always work well anywhere.

For instance, if pale, spa blue is one of your favorite colors, your master bedroom might sport your desired hue on all walls. Your neutral will perfectly blend with such a color. If the same blue color appears in the accessories found in the living area, it can be toughed slightly in the art hanging in the hallway.

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