Expiration – featuring the work of Connie Michele Morey

Show runs July 12  – August 4

We are excited to exhibit Connie Michele Morey at Shelf Life. Her installation of fiber-based sculptures is inspired by the name “Shelf Life” and touches on issues of significance and disposability. Expiration will prompt questions about what determines an ending, and if things big and small have life after expiration.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

For most people who are busy with their professional careers, business, or employment career, they find it hard to find the time to do their household chores such as cleaning, tidying, and organizing their home and personal stuff. In fact, some people don’t even have the time to their laundry more of do some household cleaning chores. For homeowners who are unable to maintain their homes due to their busy lifestyles and/or professional careers, they can take advantage of maid cleaning services from professional cleaning companies and hire them to do their household cleaning chores for them.

Maid cleaning services are professional cleaners who will go to your home to clean and tidy things up. Aside from cleaning and organizing the things that should be kept in proper places, they will also do your dishes, your laundry, your bed, and your bathroom. The truth is that the professional cleaning services that cleaning companies provide is invaluable, especially for homeowners who are very busy with their careers and social life. Having maid cleaning services do your home’s cleaning duties means that all things are clean and tidied up when you go home, with nearly every little thing in order.

Once you have tried the professional cleaning services that cleaning companies provide, it is likely that you will never want to go back to trying to do the cleaning yourself, or having friends or family come over to help you with your cleaning chores. This is because the type of cleaning services professional cleaners provide is simply hard to match. After all, this is their trade and profession so it is only proper that they excel very well in this matter.

If you are in need of maid cleaning services Calgary to clean your home, many professional cleaning companies are just a phone call away. If they are not busy or have a slot within their schedule, they will be able to accommodate your cleaning request and setup an appointment that fits both your schedule and theirs. If you want, you can also setup a cleaning schedule for them to follow. Depending on your cleaning needs, you can schedule them on a daily, weekly, every other day, or even weekend cleaning schedule. This saves you the time from having to call them whenever you want your home to be cleaned.

There are actually many homeowners who provide and entrust the cleaning company with keys to their homes. This allows the cleaning crew to enter the property to perform their cleaning duties. A lot of maid cleaning services actually do their cleaning duties during regular work hours wherein the homeowner and other residents of the home are not around. The professional cleaning crews are actually able to work much better and more efficiently when there is no one around. Of course, this is not always an accepted case with most homeowners as there are some who want to be present in their home when maid cleaning services are doing household cleaning chores as trust is a big factor for them that is not easy to give to others. Then again, ‘to each his own’ as personal opinions and preferences often differ with others.

One of the main benefits you get when hiring a professional cleaning service to do your household cleaning is that they provide superior cleaning; a type of clean that is not just satisfactory, but more of perfection. This is because maid cleaning services are highly trained in the aspects of cleaning and thus are perfectly knowledgeable and proficient on how to execute proper and effective cleaning. If you require cleaning with very satisfactory results, then you should hire cleaning companies to do the professional cleaning for you.

There are actually a good number of businesses who provide cleaning services to residential, commercial, industrial, and regular business offices. If you are looking to hire a cleaning company with whom you will entrust entrance and access to your home, it is in your very best interest that you hire a cleaning company that is very trustworthy and values professionalism and accountability. Highly reputable cleaning companies possess these traits which is why their services are highly sought after as the people’s overall trust on them is on the high mark.

Good reputation is not something you can build in a short time. Highly reputable professional cleaning companies that have been around providing cleaning services for many years value the good reputation and trust they have built between them and their customers. This is in fact a quality that is very reassuring for clients as well as new clients as surely they would not want to put any tarnish on the good record they have set so far. Even if there is a rotten tomato in the bunch, a professional and very respectable cleaning company will try to mend and rectify all possible wrong that has been done. Of course though, this has not yet happened so far with cleaning services Calgary as the company performs stringent background checks on all the people they hire who will serve as part of their cleaning crew.

When you hire maid cleaning services from a professional cleaning company, what you can be assured of is the reliability in the work they do. Maid cleaning services are trained to assess on how to effectively clean different materials along with the dirt these materials may have possibly gotten. Their knowledge and experience in doing cleaning duties allows them to work effectively and efficiently so they can be able to accomplish their cleaning task in relatively shorter time frame. Being able to do this means they can go ahead and focus on other cleaning tasks and chores they have for the particular client.

For many homeowners who tend to fail in doing their personal chores along with some needed home cleaning duties, they are quite fortunate that there are now professional cleaning services that they can hire to do their cleaning duties for them. For this reason, it is safe to say that the business of providing cleaning services is a godsend to those who cannot do their own cleaning chores.

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