Cycle of Renewal – featuring the work of Trish Shwart

Show runs June 6  – July 7

We are very honoured to have Trish Shwart back to exhibit at the brand new art space beside the Metchosin Art Gallery – Shelf Life. Her installation Cycle of Renewal addresses the connection between mind, body and soul – as represented by fire, water and wood. This site specific tableau tells a story of loss, transformation and new beginnings.

Shelf Life is a new art space beside the MAG. Be sure to take a look at this upcoming exhibit. We are also accepting submissions for future exhibits. Please contact us if you are interested.

Get Rid of Too Many Car Expenses Once and For All

As you consult with auto insurance brokers Edmonton, you would have surely mentioned to them just how much you have been spending on your car already and on top of it you would have to purchase a policy to secure you from any troubles you may or may not encounter in the future. It can truly be frustrating to realize the amount of money that you need to put in for your car to continue to function at its best, but in truth, you can have the ability to cut out some of these costs as long as you look at this easy guide below, as it will give some of the best ideas that can address all of your car expenses.

Maximize Car Use

Be certain that your car investment is well worth all the money that you spent, so it just makes sense for you to own one that you can really maximize for your everyday use for yourself and for others who may need it like family or friends. As soon as you leave the driveway make sure to have a planned out route that will get you to all of the necessary places that you need to head to for the day, so do your best to travel through those roads that can get you to the laundry too or even let you get your groceries, this way you are able to maximize each of the times you leave and drive out.

Make Distance Matter

When all you need to do is get to the next couple of blocks from where you currently are make it a stable practice not to use your vehicle as this will not just waste your fuel but it will also add up to unnecessary wear and tear. Consider marking out a particular distance to which it would be acceptable enough for you to use your automobile, otherwise when it is just a short distance then make it a point to just leave your car and go for a walk or even a quick run, better for your car and your health.

Select Products Thoroughly

Another immediate way for you to cut out all of your expenses for your car is to be able to find the best quality of products to use as this will help to continuously ensure that your car will work at its optimal function and performance. Also when it comes to fuel and other fluids that pass through the different mechanisms within your vehicle, be very selective of which ones to use and doubly make sure that all are really compatible for your car so that you will not have to encounter any troubles along the way that could spell more expenses for repairs or even replacements.

React Immediately

In those cases when you feel that there could be something a bit different when it comes to the usual functions of your car, take into immediate action and have it checked and serviced by your trusted mechanic so that you are certain that there is nothing that needs to be replaced or repaired. Be keen on prioritizing this as a lot of the time car expenses add up to a bigger amount because immediate action was not taken when it comes to any car troubles, so as a car owner, take into focus that all car issues should be resolved immediately to avoid unnecessary costs.


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