Call to Artists

Metchosin Paint-In: July 6, 11:00am – 4:00pm

The Metchosin Art Gallery is set to host the first ever Metchosin Paint-In and a birthday party in celebration of the gallery’s first year. This non-for-profit event will feature emerging and established artists from across Victoria. These artists will take over the outdoor space surrounding the gallery and will demonstrate their art to visitors. Over thirty artists will demonstrate their creative skill in the outdoor space surrounding the gallery. Artists will demonstrate painting, photography, sculpture, spray paint and fiber art. Visitors will also be treated to the musical talents of 6579. This musical duo features the guitar and vocals of Taylor Caspersen, an MTC student, and Josh Akeroyd on bass. The Metchosin Paint-In will be filled with hot tunes, art making and delicious food. Everyone is invited to come by and see artists in the midst of the creative process.


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